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Chain Saw Felling
Chain Saw Firewood
Circular Saw Felling
Circular Saw Firewood

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Clear land of Brush, Fell, Trim, Cut Up Timber

Both the Chain Saw and the Circular Saw of this powerful combination tool operate from the same power take off (or "drive"). In addition, the power take-off also operates the Gravely Rotary Mower and Leaf Muicher.

When you purchase the "drive" for any of these three tools, your additional investment in the other tools is very small!


A heavy-duty, self-propelled chain saw for felling and bucking timber. Goes to the job under its own power- and you stand upright and comfortable to saw!

The saw is adjustable to any angle vertically or horizontally. It will notch, fell and cut up timber quickly and conveniently. Usually you can fell a large tree in less than three minutes, including the time it takes to position the tractor and set saw angles!


The 18-inch blade of the Circular Saw slashes saplings, small trees, weeds and sprouts off at ground level. You can then mow over the area to keep it cleared.

The Circular Saw, like the Chain Saw, can be set at any angle. Cordwood set of the saw teeth gives a big "bite", helps prevent binding.

You will find hundreds of uses for these tools. Remember-you may be able to pay for these attachments-perhaps even your tractor-by harvesting your woodland!


DRIVE: Single Drive for either Circular or Chain Saw. Bevel Gears and splined steel shafts.

BEARINGS: Precision Ball Bearings.

CASTINGS: Grey Iron.

CHAIN: Oregon Chipper Chain, Fast File Tooth.

CHAIN BAR: Special Tempered Alloy Steel. 4-1/4" maximum width. Length from stop to end of bar. 24". Optional length Bars and Chains on request.

CHAIN SPROCKET: Carburized Steel.


BLADE DIAMETER: 18 inches.