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Tractor In Use
Cultivator Close Up

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Get rid of old-fashioned, back-breaking hand and hoe methods of cultivation! Instead of hours of drudgery, a few minutes with the powerful Gravely and your garden is weed-free!

Remember, you plow once or twice a season, but you cultivate many times. Think of the time and effort you can save by doing this work with POWER!

Besides the saving in time and energy, you have the added pleasure of doing your work right-and when you want it done!

The Toolholder and Cultivating Tools are out in front -you can see where you are cultivating without strain. The Tractor and Cultivator are balanced for easy guiding and turning. This easy handling, out-in-front Tool- holder protects your plants from damage

The arrangement of tools is flexible. The Parallel Bars on the Toolholder expand and contract with a simple adjustment. You can cultivate a width of from eight to 30 inches. For even wider cultivation, extra sections of the Parallel Bars are attached to the tool- holder.

The depth of cultivation is adjusted by means of a Handwheel on the Depth Adjusting Wheels. This allows you to set the exact depth needed for any job quickly and effortlessly. In addition, each of the steels can be set individually, so you can cultivate deeper in the center and shallower at the sides.

All the different cultivating implements shown on these pages are used on the same Toolholder. You select only those needed for your conditions.

Your Gravely meets all your cultivating requirements-makes your gardening a pleasant task instead of drudgery!