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Rotary Plow And Tractor
Hilling Drawing
Ditch Digging Drawing
Planting Drawing
Terracing Drawing

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The plow tool is powered by direct drive from the engine of the Gravely Tractor. The power is transferred through the spline steel shafts and gears, giving a rotary cutting action that pulverizes the soil into a smooth seedbed.


The Gravely Rotary Plow will not be damaged by roots, rocks, or other obstacles. The blades, of tough, high carbon steel, are shaped so any obstruction less than the size of twice your doubled fist will be moved aside. Other, larger obstacles will not damage your ma- chine because each power attachment is protected by the Gravely Safety Clutch.


A dirt shield, optional with the Rotary Plow, controls the throw of the soil, giving a smoother seedbed.

"This sod had not been plowed in years and the hay, timothy, clover and witch grass was above the gas tank in height and just as thick as it could be. It turned under beautifully."

MAJOR GEORGE C. COE Center Lovell, Maine HILLING for such plants as sweet potatoes is carried out quickly and easily. Simply make approximately six cuts with the plow and perfect hill is formed! DITCH DIGGING is done by simply making several cuts in the same furrow, dropping the Rotary Plow a little more each time. For deep ditching, longer shafts are available.

PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS is easy. Simply set the plow so the shaft is vertical to the ground and sink the plow vertically. Makes hole about 11 inches in diameter, as deep as you want. Movement of handles will give a larger diameter hole.

TERRACING: Since the Plow throws the soil to the right, removal of the dirt shield and plowing in one direction will terrace grounds quickly and easily.

TURNPLOW AND HARROW Conventional Turn Plow and Harrow Tillage gives you furrowed ground. Lumps and clods must be harrowed and disced and sometimes even dragged before the seedbed is ready. Cover is turned under in a layer. Nourishment doesn’t reach the young plants while they are beginning to grow. You already know how much work this method is.

THE GRAVELY WAY The ground is chopped to just the right consistency. Firm enough to prevent packing or erosion, yet fine enough to hold moisture and work easily. Your plants get an earlier, healthier start because the nourishment is immediately available to the rootlets. Using a GRAVELY Rotary Plow you will grow better crops!