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Tractor In Use
Rotary Plow

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The Gravely Rotary Plow gives you complete independence from the delay and inconvenience of depending on someone else to prepare your ground.

You plow when the ground is right, get better prepared ground, a better garden, with less work!


When you Rotary Plow your ground you do not have to disc, harrow, or drag. The plow "chews" up the soil, making a fine, even seedbed IN ONE OPERATION. Weeds, trash and fertilizer are cut in and thoroughly mixed with the soil.

The Gravely Rotary Plow gives you a better seedbed because it prepares the seedbed on an entirely different principle from the traditional turnplow and harrow. The Plow cuts into the sides and bottom of the furrow 800 times a minute at the normal working speed of your motor. This means one of the four cutting blades is biting into the soil every half inch!


This action gives you a deep, mellow seedbed all the way down! In hard soils you can plow as deep as 7 inches. In soft soil, 10 inches. The plow cuts a furrow as wide as 10 inches, depending upon the soil conditions.


Your garden is better because it is easier for the plants to root strongly, find their food and water. Besides this advantage, you have a mellow, easy-to-work garden all summer long - less work to prepare, less work to cultivate!


Operation of the Rotary Plow is easy. When the plow properly adjusted to the soil, under ordinary conditions plowing is simply walking behind the tractor.

The Gravely Will:

1. Prepare a complete seedbed in one operation.

2. Cut up weeds, trash, ferUlizer and mix in the soil.

3. Give you a mellow, easy-to-work garden all stunnier long.

4. Give you the convenience of doing your plowing when YOU want it done!