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Plow Perfect

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Are you forcing needless drudgery and worry on yourself because you do not use modern power equipment?

Modern country living is enjoyable today only because POWER takes the drudgery from the chores that come with country living.

To give yourself the leisure to enjoy your home, to get the fullest satisfaction from doing your work easily and efficiently, to have an attractive home with well-kept grounds . . . you must use POWER.

But the right power tools must be selected with care.

To get the most effective tools for your money, you must be sure they are designed for the job, built correctly, and are backed by a reliable service organization.

The Gravely meets these qualifications. It is designed right, manufactured right and comparing dollar cost per unit of horsepower, you pay less for the Gravely. As a dividend, you get the finest tractor money can buy, with quality features unobtainable in other tractors.

Even more important than an economical price is the power delivered to the job. The worst mistake you can make is to buy equipment that doesn’t deliver the power you need!

The Gravely has power to spare!

The mechanical features of the Gravely are discussed in the last pages of this booklet. First, you will want to know just what the Gravely can do for you in solving your particular problems. In the pages to follow we will show you how each Gravely attachment can make your country living more pleasant and- productive.

Remember, the first requirement of any good equipment is power to do the job right.

The second is versatility the ability to do many jobs well with one power unit.