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The GRAVELY Model D is not just a single purpose machine. Besides being the best power narrow row cultivator, the GRAVELY, when equipped with the Sickle Mower attachment, will cut grass, weeds and brush as high as your head and as thick as your thumb.

If you have rough, uneven ground, and steep slopes, the GRAVELY will do a mowing job that will amaze you. No other Sickle Mower will cut on a slope so steep that you can barely stand up on it-but the GRAVELY will cut it quickly, easily and economically!

The secret is the Swivel Action of the cutter bar, in combination with the single wheel, balanced design of the Tractor.

The Swivel Action allows the cutter bar to follow the contour of the ground. No matter at what angle the Tractor is working, the cutter bar is riding along the ground, doing a smooth, clean job of cutting!

Seeding, Plowing Attachments, Too

Two Row Seeders, a 7-inch turn plow and a complete line of cultivating tools are also available for the GRAVELY Model D. Every tool you need for a complete cultivating job on any crop!

Ask your GRAVELY Dealer for a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the GRAVELY Model D. Or write us for price list and name of your GRAVELY Dealer.