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The design of the GRAVELY Model D gives a total tractor width of only 15 inches at the widest part. That means that it will cultivate any row a man can walk through.

Notice that you have a clear view of the cultivating tools. The tools are front mounted, you can always see just where they are working. Also, the tools are on an adjustable Tool-holder, which can be arranged to handle any width of row.

You need a machine with POWER to do even normal cultivating. There is no worse mistake than buying equipment that doesn't have the power to do the job.

The GRAVELY has a 2 Horsepower engine, but in actual tests it has out-pulled 4 Horsepower Garden Tractors of the conventional type.

Focused Traction is the reason. The entire weight of the Model D is focused over the single wheel, giving maximum traction. Traction is equivalent to power. No matter how powerful the motor in a piece of equipment, UNLESS THE POWER CAN GET A GOOD GRIP ON THE GRDUND, it is wasted.

With the GRAVELY Model D you have maximum traction, thus maximum power.

Balanced Power Gives Positive ControI

Since the weight of the tractor is focused over the single drive wheel, you have instant control of the cultivating tools. The tractor, with the tool-holder and tools attached, is balanced-a twist of your wrist moves the tools closer to or away from the plants. There is no constant "jockeying" of the tractor and tools-the balanced power and tested design means that the GRAVELY Model D runs true in the row!

Almost Does Away With Hand Labor!

The most important thing about the GRAVELY Model D in commercial growing is the fact that it almost eliminates hand work in narrow row crops. The flexibility of the tools, plus the narrow design, plus the power of the GRAVELY gives you a tool that will do over 90 per cent of your weeding and hoeing. The only hand work necessary will be between the plants in the row!