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Have you ever figured for yourself the cost of expensive hand and horse methods in your cultivation? How much needless drudgery and worry are you forcing on yourself because you do not have modern power equipment?

With the right equipment and the right methods you save time, energy and money. You increase your efficiency, and that of your land.

But you must have the right power tools for your job. They must be designed for the job- built correctly, and they must be backed by a reliable service organization.

The GRAVELY Model D Single Wheel Tractor meets these qualifications. For 28 years it has been recognized by commercial growers as the finest power cultivator made!

Commercial Growers, farming for profit, say the GRAVELY is the finest power cultivator on the market because they can back it up with facts from their experience.

The reason, stated briefly, is that the GRAVELY Model D is a single-wheel tractor, 2-1/2 Horsepower, that is balanced, powerful- and by its special construction able to operate in rows planted as close as 10 inches!

This means more profitable operation because you gain more intensive use of your land, and because you use your labor more effectively-you do five times the work in the same time when you use power!

The GRAVELY operates effectively in any row a man can walk through! This means you can grow close planted crops of truck or flowers. It means more intensive planting, higher yields per acre, a minimum of hand labor with no sacrifice of cultivation!