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Single Wheel Traction a Boon to Flower Growers

when it comes to cultivating between rows, the GRAVELY is the best yet—it runs TRUE IN THE ROW," writes a large flower grower at Secaucus, N. J. . . . Here is one important reason. Notice the above piicture of the D GRAVELY. The crankhaft of our own- make motor goes directly through the hub of the single-drive wheel. This is vitally important because it in;ures three things:

The entire weight falls on the single drive wheel where it is needed.

The weight is centered on a pivotal point, which insures easy guiding and turning. By a twist of the wrist you can steer the GRAVELY within an inch of the plants or away at will.

The Wheel is but 3-1/4" wide. This enables you to work your narrow row crops with perfect safety.

T hese exclusive features are approved by Growers the world over. The GRAVELY is saving money for them, not only in reducing labor costs, but in the raising of bigger and better crops. It will do the same for you.