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With the GRAVELY Tractor the Furrow Steel travels ahead of the machine. It tbrows out the dirt, stones. etc., leaving a smooth path for the wheel to travel in.

Perhaps you've noticed how some growers have their flowers planted in straight even rows, sometimes as narrow as 12 inches. You may have wondered not only how they made them so straight, but how in the world they were able to cultivate.

Here's a reason: It's an easy job to make straight furrows if you use a GRAVELY. Then, you are always able to cultivate between the narrowest rows without any danger of damaging expensive flowers.

WHY? Look at the picture above. Study the compact, sturdy design of the machine. Notice the narrow traction. All the weight is perfectly balanced. You are given a pivot action in guiding.

If you are growing flowers this year, now's the time to learn what it means to use a garden tractor that is especially adapted for your work. It does all the operations such as Turning, Furrowing, Cultivating, Mowing, and many others.