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Company Stations
Power vs Drudgery

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Specialized Manufacturing, Service, Sales for 40 Years

In 1922, the Gravely Tractor was offered to the world as a novel and practical time-saving invention—a power-driven small tractor. Improvements and new methods have been added, and many varied and useful attachments have been developed (as shown in this catalog).

The Gravely Tractor, including its motor and attachments, is produced in two factories—the home factory at Dunbar, W. Va., and Gravely Tractors, Southern Region, at Albany, Georgia.

Gravely is produced as a complete unit, with each manufacturing operation closely controlled. Each part is designed to complement other parts, thus, Gravely is not merely assembled, but completely designed and manufactured by Gravely itself.
Company-owned stations sell and service the Gravely in their areas, and also supply dealers with equipment and parts. Dealers are independent businessmen, most of whom sell and service the Gravely exclusively. Both have well- equipped shops to render most efficient service for the Gravely. They stock Gravely repair parts at all times.


You buy the Gravely with confidence — this worldwide organization could only have been built by consistently providing an excellent product of dependable service. Dealers and Stations are glad to give you the benefit of their experience with power equipment. Ask for your free demonstration on your own grounds, under your conditions. Call today, or write us — we will make arrangements for a representative to call.
Have you considered the powerful Gravely Tractor and your choice of 30 tools for your home lawn and garden jobs?

Write for 24-page "Power vs. Drudgery" Booklet, full of action pictures and information that shows how you can solve all your lawn, garden, field and farm upkeep problems with POWER!

Ask for "Power vs. Drudgery" booklet; WRITE NOW!