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Practical, Quality Design...

Cutaway view (at right) shows the completely functional design of the Gravely . . . the motor, chassis and attachment flowing cleanly and simply into one complete, compact, precision machine.

Each part is designed and machined to be used with the others they're not merely assembled. The Gravely uses the same type of drive and transmission as an automobile, to give DEPENDABLE power.

Powerful, Compact and Rugged!

The Gravely engine is conservatively rated at 6.6 hp. It's large bore and stroke at a comparatively low piston speed mean dependable power for the toughest jobs . . . real lugging power.

Gravely's built for work... the really tough jobs. Everything is compact, functional, precision machined; every part is a heavy-duty part, built to withstand day-in and day-out use and abuse.


MOTOR: Gravely (own make) one cylinder 4-stroke T-head type with removable head. Air-cooled by engine-driven fan.
BORE: 3-1/4 inches. STROKE: 3-1/2 inches.
RINGS: One Oil ring, 2 Compression rings, top ring chromed.
VALVES: Mechanical.
CARBURETOR: Zenith, Gravely Special.
OILING SYSTEM: Gear pump and Splash, full-flow oil filter, high - pressure high - volume system. Filtered oil under pressure to connecting rod and drive shaft bearings.
MAGNETO: Impulse Type. Brand: Wico.
AIR CLEANER: Gravely Double Air-Guard. Two-stage: Oil bath precleaner, Dacron-Felt filter.
BEARINGS: Tapered roller or precision ball bearings at all important points.
HORSEPOWER: 6.6 horsepower at 2600 R.P.M.
TRANSMISSION: Transmission and Timing Gears alloyed iron and hardened steel. Precision-cut teeth.
DIFFERENTIAL: (Automotive gear type). Hardened steel-cut Bevel Gears, steel Worm, special alloyed bronze Worm Gear.
CLUTCH: Two double-acting cone-type clutches, one giving forward and reverse motion. Planetary Gears. Clutch special- bonded lining to heavy-duty grey iron casting.
CLUTCH, SAFETY: All power attachments individually protected from shock by Safety Clutch, consisting of two Fiber and one Steel disc enclosed in spring-loaded driving plates. Discs slip under sudden shock, drive attachment at full horsepower under load.
HEIGHT: 28 inches (not including adjustable handles).
OVERALL WIDTH: 24 inches at widest point.
LENGTH: 55 inches (not including attachments).
WEIGHT: Net, 296 lbs. Crated, 355 lbs., domestic; 410 lbs., export.
THROTTLE: Thumb throttle. Optional Governor (Pierce).
GAS TANK CAPACITY: 1¾ gallons.
OIL CAPACITY: 5 pints.
TIRES: 4.00 x 8, 16" O.D. 2 Ply, Sure-grip or Diamond tread.