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Out Performs ALL Others -
Built to Take It!

You buy performance the whole Gravely Tractor. Put all the mechanical features on these pages together and you have the finest tractor money can buy. You have a tractor that will out-perform any other tractor.

A tractor that will give you long and dependable service, because it has been job-proved on the toughest maintenance work in the country. A tractor that is part of the standardization program of many of the blue chip industrial concerns throughout the country. . . because it has been proved to be the best buy on every count.

ALL-GEAR DRIVE.   There are no belts or chains to slip, wear or break on the Gravely Tractor (only belt drives the fan). Power is transmitted direct to the job through gears and splined steel shafts, enclosed and sealed against dirt and grit. Gravely's BUILT FOR WORK!

TWO FORWARD AND TWO REVERSE SPEEDS.   You don't have to pull, push or pamper the Gravely Tractor. The tractor does the job, not the operator. High and low gear in forward and reverse POWER the Gravely through EVERY motion.

HIGH-VOLUME FULL-FLOW FILTERED OIL SYSTEM.   Only clean, filtered oil ever gets to the Gravely engine be- cause every drop is filtered through Gravely's full-flow oil filter. Every moving part is force-lubricated by gear- pump, with a high-volume system that means years of dependable service.

Special Features Insure Top Performance with Attachments

SAFETY CLUTCH PROTECTED.   Every Gravely power attachment is protected against shock damage by a special Gravely Safety Clutch. This Clutch dissipates the shock and stalls the tractor without damage to either attachment or tractor. The Clutch transmits. the full power of the engine . . . but saves your equipment from breakage and damage!

ATTACHMENTS POWER-DESIGNED.   Gravely power attachments are unique because each attachment is designed to become an integral part of the tractor, to give maximum performance on the job.

UNIQUE SWIVEL ACTION.   Only the Gravely gives you complete swivel action. The attachments follow the contour of the ground, regardless of the position of the tractor wheels.
MORE POWER TO THE JOB.   Direct drive from the engine of the tractor to the tool doing the job. Splined steel shafts and gears deliver the maximum power to the job being done! Other equipment can, because of its design, use only a fraction of its engine power. Gravely gives you 76% of engine power AT THE JOB!

HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN.   Gravely attachments are built to last. Heavy castings, solid weldments, strength and power are built into every part. You get precision workmanship and TESTED design tested on the job.

EASY HANDLING.   Balanced to the tractor, all Gravely attachments are amazingly maneuverable and easy to handle when properly set up for the jobs as recommended. The entire tractor is designed for easy and simple operation.