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Kiln Car
Rotary Plow

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GRAVELY Works High and Low;
From Roof Tops to Barge Bottoms


Brush off your roofing problems with the Gravely Tractor and its 38-inch Power Brush attachment. One man with a Gravely can sweep as much roof area in one hour as 16 men will by hand. Leaves slag clean and reusable.

The Gravely works on any roof that supports a man's weight. Its low center of gravity allows it to sweep as steep as a 60% slope.

There's a choice of other attachments for roof- ers, too! Write for detailed information in special "Roofing Circular".


Gravely salvages valuable coal, sulphur, etc., formerly left in the barges, out of clam-shell reach. Gravely's 48-inch Dozer (Snow) Blade gets into the corners, scrapes materials into piles so the clam-shell can get it.

In one hour, Gravely cleans as much barge area as can be cleaned in 12 man-hours by hand.

Absolutely clean? You can sweep the barge bare with Gravely's Power Brush. Investigate! Get more information in our free "Barge Circular".


Gravely eliminates the need for back-breaking hand moving or the need for high-priced, single- purpose kiln car movers in brick plants.

The powerful Gravely, customized with front hitch, heat-treated axles, special handles, Gov- ernor, and either Dual, Gear-Reduction or Dual Gear-Reduction Wheels, moves loaded cars weighing over 100,000 pounds, in and out of the kiln, or spots cars to off-bearing belts or storage areas.

Gravely works in the close places. Write for free "Kiln Car" circular now!


Gravely plows under old-fashioned methods of preparing foundry floor molds. Rotary Plow at- tachment quickly breaks up old molds packed by the weight and heat of casting, speeds preparation of new ones.

Hand and shovel takes 14 hours of hard labor Gravely does the same job in just 25 minutes. . frees labor for other important tasks. Gravely has outside-the-foundry uses, too.

"Foundry Circular" gives detailed information. Write now for free copy.