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Leaf Away

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Seeder-Spreader Gives Accurate Seeding

Do a more efficient job of feeding, fertilizing, reseeding your lawn areas with this five- foot Seeder-Spreader.

Ideal for golf courses, city, school and industrial application, the Seeder has a 300- pound capacity hopper with positive action gate. Spreading Control makes accurate seeding and spreading simple . . . just set it and forget it.

Operator rides comfortably — Spreader does the work.

20-Gallon Utility Sprayer—Versatile!

The 20-gallon capacity Sprayer, powered by the Gravely Tractor, handles corrosive and abrasive sprays, quickly does all spraying jobs including insect- and weed-control jobs.

Gravely power takes the Sprayer to the job effortlessly. Gun Jet Nozzle mounted for fixed boom-type spraying, removable for hand spraying. Goes through gates and doors, too!

Maximum output 6% gallons per minute, at 400 psi.

Lawn Sweeper Keeps Grounds Tidy

Keep lawns clean of debris, leaves and litter with the Lawn Sweeper attachment . . . attach or detach in seconds from either Gravely Sulky. Single unit sweeps a 28-inch width, large Estate Master Gang Unit cleans a 76-inch swath. Ten-bushel capacity for each unit, self-dumping. Semi-pneumatic tires on front, heavy-duty rear casters. Brush is long-life, imported Bassine. Special circular on request.

Leaf-Away Clears Leaves, Debris

Rid your lawn of leaves and debris fast and easily with the Gravely Leaf-Away attachment. Just guide the powerful Gravely, watch leaves vanish. Gathers up to 40 bushels before you need to dump canvas pouch. Easily emptied, too just pull a zipper.

Leaf-Away is attached to Gravely Rotary Mower. Special blades mulch leaves, increase load capacity. Has handy Poker to clear chute if it becomes clogged.

Dumping Scoop Moves Dirt, Sand, Snow

Gather loose dirt, sand and other materials with the convenient Dumping Scoop — let the Gravely take it where you want it.

Grading and backfilling are fast and efficient; a push on the trip lever empties the Scoop. The 29¾ inch Scoop is handy for light snow removal jobs, too scoop up the snow and move it away!


Get rid of insects, mosquitos, fast. Blitz fogs a cloud that kills insects on contact— harmless to humans, pets. Complete with one quart Thermaline.

Lawn Roller

Good lawn care demands the Lawn Roller to roll down frost damaged turf, compact the soil. Roller is 32 inches wide, weighs 655 pounds when filled with water. Rounded edges prevent lawn injury. Ride as you roll.