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Rotary Plow

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Any landscaping involves preparing seedbeds . . . for lawn, flower beds, borders, hedges. Why pay expensive rates for hand labor? The Rotary Plow attachment gives mellow, even seedbeds up to 10 inches deep in one operation. Plows as wide as eight inches in most soils.


The Gravely Rotary Cultivator attaches to the Rotary Plow, tills soil a maximum of three inches deep. Power cultivation saves time and labor . . . and the Rotary Cultivator will renovate patches of lawn that need reseeding in a fraction of the time required by hand.

Rotary Plow Power Planter Drill

Planter Drill uses Rotary Plow drive, prepares circular holes for planting shrubs, trees, etc. A man with a Gravely will dig more holes than two men with larger equipment! Power plants in places big equipment can't get into. Interchangeable blades dig 11- and 18-inch holes, up to 24 inches deep.

Transportation Cart Carries Half Ton

Hauls up to 1/2 ton. Especially useful on lawns where big equipment would damage turf. Sturdy, self-dumping cart. Wood body, steel reinforced. 48" x 30" x 11½", complete with seat.

Power Barrow

Carries loads up to 800 lbs.; five Cu. ft. capacity. Easy dumping action. Large caster wheel, heavy duty castings, steel tray.

Use Mulitpliers Increase Versatility

These specialized tools are made by other reputable manufacturers, tested and approved by Gravely. Order from Gravely representative. Ten different attachments in all-write for free "Use Multiplier" booklet.


Low-pressure, high-capacity pump for volume pumping of liquids. Complete with bracket. Gravely Power Take-Off required.


1500-watt Generator for emergency power. Complete with bracket. Gravely Power Take-Off required.