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48-Inch Snowplow Rolls the Snow Away

Plow right through winter worries with Gravely’s BIG 48-inch Snowplow attachment. Roll the snow aside and make way for safe passage.

Special blade design rolls the snow away . . . handles snows up to 18 inches deep. Big Snowplow clears the average sidewalk in one pass, driveways in two. Heavy-duty Blade moves snow left, right, or straight ahead with a simpie pin adjustment.

Docks and other exposed areas where work must continue, uninterrupted, are quickly cleared. Maneuverable. . . Gravely has power, two speeds forward and two in reverse. Conquers the job with ease.

Optional SKIDS allow easy clearing of rough or broken surfaces. Swivel-type hitch allows Blade to follow uneven surfaces, regardless of tractor position. Hitch can be locked in one position if desired.

Tire Chains give added traction for work on iced surfaces (see page 13).

The Gravely Snowplow has hundreds of special uses, too! It’s frequently used to clear snow from ice skating rinks, to move snow away from airport guidance system lights . . . does the job in areas too small for heavier, more bulky equipment.

Doubles as Bulldozer

The Gravely Snowplow attachment, equipped with optional Dual Wheels or Dual Gear Reduction Wheels (see page 13), handles many materials handling jobs with ease and dispatch.

The compactness of the unit, with its amazing maneuverability, power reverse, and lugging power of the engine means you move loose dirt, cinders, many different materials quickly and easily.

Mechanize the shovel jobs now by investigating the possibilities of using the Gravely and its Snowplow attachment.

SPECIAL USES: Landscaping (seedbed leveling, fill), roofing (slag piling, tearing up old roofing), drive in theaters (smoothing and leveling slag or gravel), and barges (salvaging material left from bucket unloading).

Power Brush

Sweeps Away Snow, Dirt

You can sweep faster than you can shovel . . . for light snows, the 38-inch Power Brush attachment means a fast clean-up job.

Available with either fine or coarse bristles to suit your job. Brush strips are interchangeable on the carrying shaft for maximum life. Brush pressure can be adjusted. Single lever lifts Brush from contact level for transportation.

Industrial applications (see page 12) include roofing jobs and general sweeping. Whether dirt, litter or light snow, the Power Brush sweeps clean the first time over.

Power Spreader

Removes Ice Hazards

There’s only one effective way to get rid of ice . . . melt it! Gravely’s Power Spreader distributes salt and sand to melt snow and ice away quickly.

Spreader distributes material over areas from four to 12 feet wide. Width of spread and distribution may be adjusted from fingertip controls, while Spreader is in motion.    Spreader handles a maximum of 1,500 pounds of material. Approximate spread areas 12 feet by 1,050 feet in one loading. Steering Sulky speeds work, aids handling and maneuvering.