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Blower Specs
Brush Specs

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GRAVELY Has the Only Complete Answer!

Keeping time schedules when the snows come depends on fast snow removal. You must make walks and drives around your business safe for personnel, safe for driving.

With Gravely, you have your choice of four ice and snow removal tools to fit your particular job, all powered by the one 6.6 hp Gravely Tractor.

26-Inch Snowblower Conquers Deep Snow!

Successive snows don't pile up . . . Gravely picks up the snow, throws it up to 30 feet to the left or right, at any angle.

One man with a Gravely equals 32 men with snow shovels. . . clears a ¼ mile of sidewalk in only 15 minutes. Heavy gear-driven reel cuts into snow crust and packed snow, breaks it and actually pulls the snow into the heavy-duty, gear-driven fan.

There are no belts or chains to freeze, slip or wear on the Gravely Snowblower. It has all-gear drive (fully enclosed) direct to the powerful 6.6 hp Gravely engine.

OPTIONAL CASTERS improve maneuverability. Height can be adjusted for a clean sweep on macadam or concrete, or raised to operate on gravel or bluestone drives safely. GEARED WHEELS AND STEERING SULKY increase efficiency of Snowblower (see page 13). Optional Snow Deflector Chute gives you 180° control of throw.