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Reel-Smooth Cut at a 30-Inch Width

A complete Reel Mower in itself.. . the center unit of the Gravely Gang Reel assembly. It may be purchased separately for smaller lawns where it is impractical to use gang units.

Areas too narrow or too obstructed for the Gang assembly? Remove two pins, disconnect the flexible drive coupling and you've got a trimming Reel Mower.

Gravely design allows you to mow under shrubbery and other obstacles . . . and with the reverse gears you back out with power.

The Reel Mowers adjust quickly to heights from ¾ to three inches by a simple turnbuckle adjustment. Safety Clutch protects the Reel Mower and Tractor from major damage if objects are caught by mower blades.


DIMENSIONS Center Mower — 30-inch Reel. Two side units, each 25-inch reel. Gang Mowers overlap Center Mower 2½ inches. Cutting swath of complete unit is 75 inches.

GEARS: All gears are machine-cut steel, fully enclosed.
CASTINGS: Malleable.

BEARINGS: Timken Roller and Ball Bearings.

CUTTING HEIGHT: to 3 inches, turnbuckle adjusted.

SELF-LAPPING: Center unit and Gang units are self-lapping by reversing mowers.

42-Inch Sickle Mower

Cuts as Big as It Can Bite!

For the really tough mowing jobs, the Gravely Sickle Mower attachment is without equal.

It will cut anything small enough to get between the guards—saplings, brush, weeds. It works on steep slopes, (up to 60%) when tractor is equipped with Dual Wheels.

Filth and brush cutting jobs can be handled as fast as a man can comfortably walk, over the roughest terrain. Mow pastures comfortably riding on the Sulky. Gravely Swivel Action gets ALL the job, follows ground contour for a clean, low cut.

Available in three or two-inch sizes, in lengths up to five feet. Gravely completes the job while labor is still nibbling with hand scythes or inadequate power equipment. Gravely has the power to do the tough jobs right.

Optional skids available.


SICKLE BAR: Conventional Sickle Bar with oscillating mechanism. Drive head located on cutter bar for balance; swivel action.

GEARS: Gears enclosed in dirt-proof housing with Timken Roller Bearings. Runs in oil.

CASTINGS: All vital parts of oscillating mechanism made of chrome-alloy steel. Certified malleable castings.

CUTTER BAR: 42-inch Cutter Bar cuts from 36- to 39-inch swath.