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Gang Reel
Gang Slope

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Gang Reel Mowers Cut Wide, Smooth, 75-Inch Swath

Give Best of Care to Large Lawn Areas

Your lawn area sets the scene for your entire enterprise. It is your most expensive investment in landscaping, and deserves the finest mowing equipment.

Finest mowing equipment means gang mowers, reel-type! Only reel mowers give that velvety smoothness that makes a lawn look its best. Gravely Gang Mowers get the job done quickly, and at less cost. Less cost both for initial equipment purchase and for time on the job.

Famous Gravely "Swivel Action" allows the center unit to follow the ground's contour. . . flexible couplings allow two outer Gang Units to hug the ground, too!

Two 25-inch Gang Units are quickly attached (or detached) to 30-inch center unit. You have a 30-inch Reel or a 75-inch Gang Reel Unit in a matter of minutes.

Front Mowers Give Best Performance

The Gravely Gang Mowers cut all the grass, because the mower is ahead of the tractor and the Reels themselves are supported on rollers which follow the cut! No streaks of uncut grass to spring back up the next day!

Sit and Ride, Walk and Guide

How to mow is your option with Gravely. The powerful Gravely is an efficient riding tractor choose from Riding or Steering Sulkies (see page 13) or as a dependable walking tractor.