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Chain Guard
Leaf Away
Top Hat
Top Hat Insert

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No fancy frills, Gravely's designed for work. Heavy steel hood, welded construction, heavy-duty castings, big, solid cutting blade — the Gravely's ruggedly built, simple in design.

No slipping, wearing belts to worry with. Gravely all- gear drive puts the power directly to the Rotary Blade through splined steel shaft.

Chain Guard Offers Added Safety

Under certain conditions. . . when using the Rotary Mower around public places, at schools, where there is pedestrian or vehicular traffic, the optional Chain Guard may be desirable. It completely encloses the front of the mower, with a chain curtain to reduce the velocity of materials that may be thrown out.

Leaf Attachments Eliminate Raking

Shade trees cease to be such a problem in the fall. The optional Leaf-Mulcher attachment makes leaves vanish. Even wet and packed leaves can be pulverized with the 6.6 hp Gravely.

Leaf-Away attachment for the Rotary Mower "vacuum cleans" lawn areas. Leaves and debris are swished into a large canvas bag. See page 11 for more information.


DRIVE: Single drive operates Circular and Chain Saw, Rotary Mower — all interchangeable. Shafts of splined steel, with Bevel Gears, completely enclosed.

MOWER: Hood of 3/16" steel, fenders of 1/8" steel. Blade of high-carbon steel, forged, ground cutting edge.

Larger Lawn Areas Mowed Quickly, Efficiently;

New "Top Hat" Offers Wide, 50-Inch Rotary Mowing

You get a superior mowing job with the Top Hat. A combination of baffle and blade design has eliminated windrowing under ordinary conditions.

The 50-inch Top Hat Mower is designed specifically for fast lawn mowing. It is not a brush-and-weed mower like the 30-inch Rotary Mower. The Top Hat gives you a tool to keep your large area lawns neat and attractive at less cost, with fewer man hours involved.

The Top Hat cuts smoothly, evenly, rolling along on two large eight-inch casters. Irregular lawns aren't scalped either—skids lift the mower above protuberances. Optional Roll Bar prevents marring of ground-level markers in cemeteries. Cutting height of the three 17-inch blades is easily adjusted from one to four inches.