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Xmas Trees

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GRAVELY Power-Mows Roughs, Lawns, Steep Slopes.

30-Inch Rotary Mower Does the Tough Jobs Fast!

Whether it's tall weeds, thick, heavy grass, honey- suckle vines, or the finest lawn, the 30-inch Rotary Mower attachment is engineered to do the job with ease.

Cutting in the rough won't hurt the Gravely. If un- yielding objects are hit, the Gravely Safety Clutch stalls the tractor, prevents damage to gears, shafts or tractor.

When you mow, weeds and grass, even dandelion stems and buckthorn practically disappear. Properly
operated, the mower cuts and shreds the toughest, tallest weeds. Even brush and undergrowth vanish before the powerful onslaught of the Gravely Tractor.

Swivel action of Rotary attachment gives a clean, even cut on rough, rolling terrain. With Gravely, the mower follows the contour of the ground in front of the tractor, gliding along on two contoured skids.

Gravely design allows you to maneuver in close areas, too! Mow within one inch of buildings, fences, walks.. cut grass under overhanging trees, shrubs, other obstacles, without damage! You eliminate time-consuming hand trimming on most jobs.

Gravely's low center of gravity means you mow slopes and hills that would ordinarily take hand labor—safely! With Dual Wheels, the Gravely Rotary Mower cuts grass on slopes as steep as 60%.