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Kiln Cars

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Single Investment - Multiple Savings!

People judge your enterprise by its appearance. That's why it's so important to keep the grounds neat and attractive.

Grounds maintenance can be a very expensive part of your overhead. But Gravely will keep costs down a single investment in Gravely equipment will bring multiple savings. You'll have less time on the job, and in addition, POWER for more tasks.

Even more importantly, Gravely gets the job done right.., performs many maintenance jobs other equipment simply cannot do. Over 30 attachments are designed for the Gravely—they keep it working, perform- ing all kinds of jobs, all year round!

Less money is invested, less wasted, because Gravely
eliminates the need for purchasing one-job tools that are on hand, but lying idle most of the time. You don't waste money buying an engine for every job.

The Gravely power unit is a sound investment. It's been proved and improved for over a quarter of a century. The 6.6 hp motor is ruggedly built. Heavy-duty parts insure longer life. Sturdy construction keeps the tractor on the job, not idle in the repair shop.

Maintenance costs are less! All-gear drive to power attachments eliminates the menace of belts and chains wearing, slipping and breaking. Safety Clutches protect against major damage to internal parts.

Yes, you've got a willing worker on your grounds maintenance team when you've got a Gravely!
Faster, Better Grounds Maintenance with GRAVELY
Year after year, Gravely gives you more and better work per man hour. The Gravely Tractor and its attachments give you performance that is unequalled by any other equipment. The design and use of the engine power is unique. . . direct gearing through splined steel shafts to the attachments gives you more performance at the tool.

Tools are quickly interchangeable, too. Four bolts out, change attachments. Four bolts in, Gravely's working again.

You don't push, pull or pamper the Gravely — the tractor does the work. A flip of handlebar controls puts
Gravely in action, with POWER— two gears forward, two gears reverse.

Why buy equipment that will do only one job? Each time you do, you buy an extra engine. Each time you change jobs, you leave an expensive piece of machinery depreciating—idle.

The Gravely Tractor power system has one power unit. You change attachments to do every grounds maintenance job. You're always getting a return on your investment because Gravely is working!

Read the following pages, find out how you can make the most efficient use of your dollars and at the same time, get the job done better and faster.