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  Take a good look at that old red tractor. Remember how many of them you've seen still being used by neighbors, professionals, highway departments and industries. Proves Gravely tractors last longer at the tough jobs, doesn't it? They last so long because we make them to last.

Old Gravely tractors are tough competitors. But our new Gravely Convertible Tractors are even better. They deliver the proved advantages of all-gear drive (no belts or chains) ... instant forward, neutral or reverse with a flip of one lever ... a wide variety of quick-change attachments for mowing, plowing, gardening, hauling, snow removal, and a choice of 7.6, 10 or 12 horsepower... features like electric starting, a new transistorized ignition system on the 10 and 12 horsepower tractors.

Please let us send you a new catalog on Gravely Convertible and Riding Tractors, and the name of your Gravely dealer. Write now: Gravely Corporation, 5605 Gravely Lane, Clemmons, N.C. 27012.