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In 1922 the GRAVELY TRACTOR was offered to the world as a novel, yet practical, time-saving invention . . . a. power-driven small tractor to which various types of tools could be attached. In 1930 two power-driven mowing attachments were offered for use on this very same machine. The Rotary Mower and the Sickle Mower as originally used on the GRAVELY TRACTOR gave new meaning to the term "power mower." In 1935 the Rotary Plow was introduced, making it possible to plow to any ordinary depth with a light weight tractor.

Throughout the years much has been accomplished . . . Snow Plows, a Power Brush, a Power Sprayer, a Water Ballast Roller, a Transportation Cart, and many other practical tools have been designed, enabling users to do with power tools what formerly had to be done by hand . . . and, most important, enabling them to get year-round service from the same machine.


The GRAVELY is produced in a factory devoted to manufacturing nothing else. This includes making the motor as well. Each manufacturing operation is controlled. This means, too, that each machine is produced as a complete unit, each part designed to be used with the others . . . not an assembling proposition.

Like the product, you will find our sales policy practical. You are not asked to buy a machine without first being shown what it will do right on your own ground and under your own conditions. A complete staff of our field men are trained both to service and sell the GRAVELY..

Without obligating you in the least, arrangements will then be made for a representative to visit you and to quote prices on the units needed to do your work.