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To the same Sickle Mower which you will use for cutting in the rough you can attach a bar with finer teeth and closer guards which will cut almost as closely as the Rotary Mower. Either type of bar may be had in various widths. With a Sickle Mower the grass never gets too high. In dry weather you never burn the grass.

It is no exaggeration to say that the GRAVELY SICKLE MOWER will cut what and where no other mower can. For the GRAVELY can be taken into the thickest grass, the heaviest brush, among scrub oak and locust sprouts, yet always it will operate with the same high degree of efficiency as under normal conditions.

Ask for our folder entitled, "Power Vs. Drudgery." This gives more technical details on all attachments used with the GRAVELY TRACTOR.