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(See what Mr. Cool found out. His letter is reproduced on page 3.)


"Get the right Kind of Power Equipment"

To care for your place by hand on any size scale will be discouraging, if not impossible. Labor is not always dependable to bring in horse equipment is out of the question. Unless you have more than 20 acres, you will find a farm-size tractor out of place.

What Is The Right Equipment?

On Page 2 is shown the Model L GRAVELY TRACTOR. On the pages to follow you will see a full assortment of power tools. Both the Tractor and the attachments were designed to solve the very six problems we have outlined. Consider What is Offered: You buy one sturdy 5 H.P. Tractor then, get the power attachments according to your needs. Each tool is attached right to the front of this same Model L GRAVELY TRACTOR by four bolts. Each is easily and quickly changed.

No other machine does so many things so well. You will probably wonder why you did not ask about the GRAVELY before. The pleasure which you will derive from doing your work right in the easiest and best way cannot be replaced. There is no substitute for efficiency.