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Gravely Motor Plow and Cultivator Company, Dunbar, West Virginia.


I can't imagine how I could get along without my Model L Gravely equipment. For the past two years I have lived on a ten acre tract of lawn, orchard and wooded land with a large garden, some grapes, berries, etc. Besides several acres of level mowing, there are also quite difficult slopes and grades to maintain, all of which is handled very nicely with your equipment.

There has been no mechanical trouble whatsoever in over a year and a half of use and the machine seems to be as good as new today.

I use both sizes of cutter bar in mowing as well as the cultivating and weeding equipment for garden and vineyard. This work is done by myself out of business hours and I not only enjoy seeing the results but there is actually pleasure in it.

The Gravely makes possible for me the difference between that of just a house in the country with perhaps only a small lawn and garden and that of a well kept ten acres with an expanse of lawn and all the other areas in good order. My friends wonder how it is done and your Gravely equipment is really the answer. There should be a very broad market for something so practical as this.

Very truly yours,


P.S. The spraying attachment listed in your new catalog has taken our eye. I am hand spraying about 40 apple trees six times a season. How expensive is this? Also, tell us what there is to say about the fire protection angle to this attachment. There is a large pond within two hundred feet of our dwelling as a water source for fire-fighting.